Hayley + Daniel's Beach Wedding

Waking up to the smell of the salty air and the crashing of waves as the tide rolls out. Hayley and Daniels beach front suite put just the right mood in the air for their Beach wedding. A beautiful and small ceremony where only close family and friends were in attendance. Hayley sat in her suite getting ready as Her girls were running around the beach house. Laughing and crying with family as Hayley gets ready to walk down the sandy isle to her awaiting husband! It was such a dream to watch these two Say "I Do".

Right up the parking lot from the reception was an amazing VW gathering! There were some super awesome VW's that were in attendance! Some of the owners were even nice enough to let us take some photos with them!

Hayley and Daniel danced the night away with the waves getting closer and closer as night was falling. Their cake was absolutely beautiful and tasted amazing! We gave them a final send of with a sparkler exit as the night came to a close. If I could replay this day over and over again I would!


Dream Beach Wedding

World Breastfeeding Week 2018

Breastfeeding!!! Oh wow I cannot begins to tell you the crazy journey that word has led me on! Before having Lucas I read and read on everything that had to do with giving birth and skimmed a bit on breastfeeding. I mean it’s natural so the baby should know what to do right? WRONG! But wrong! The first few days were great but I had to re teach him every session on how to latch. Then I noticed he had a tongue and lip tie ( there the thin skin attached to your tongue comes all the way to the front so you can’t lift your tongue very far) this was preventing him from fully being able to feed. Which made me feel horrible that his first few days of life he wasn’t eating enough. After his tongue tie was corrected things totally loooked up for him! I still had massive pain when he nursed from the few days of incorrect latching. Waking up at 3 am crying from pain while he cried from hunger. After about 7 weeks was when I was able to nurse with no issues! And since then it’s been such a pleasant journey! I remember nursing for the first time in public. I had my dear friend jamie snap a picture of the momentous occasion for me (I’m very conservative). I even used my fancy conver and everything! But that show got old. I ended up nursing everywhere and anywhere when little man was hungry! Funny how  any self-consciousness I might’ve had was washed away with the need to be a mother. 

 I’m so  thankful that I was able to breast-feed I know it’s not the case for a lot of moms! 

Lemons and Lavender at WildHorse Ranch Rescue

Here it is! The blog I have been excited to show off!! The WildHorse Ranch holds a very special place in my heart. Here I am this weird little girl from norther California, My parents tell me that before I go into the third grade that we will be moving to a different state, The one my father grew up in. Arizona is what they called it. My mom acclimating my then 4 year old sister and I to our soon to be new home she bought us all kinds of mini cactus and scorpions in resin so we could examine them! Arriving in Arizona in THE record heat summer of 122 degrees was a bit shocking. I had a few friends in school, one of them was Nick. Nicks mom Kim owned a ranch that had horses!! What my mind was blown! I was going to see a horse in real life when they had invited me over one weekend. After that first visit is kind of a blur for the fact that I spent so much time at the ranch. We would play in the barn and help with the horses. Kim taught me how to bareback ride their beautiful horse Dunny who I fell in love with.

Now fast forward to 20 something years later being back still makes me feel like I'm 8. Kim and the rest of the hands behind WildHorse Ranch Rescue  has worked so hard for these beautiful animals. Pouring all their time love and finances into the ranch to save every single living soul they can. Its amazing to me how fast Kim is to get up and wrangle any situation of an animal in need. She and the others there truly deserve so much for what they do.

The Ranch is always looking fro ways to help fund themselves as they have so many animals that need to be fed and cared for every single day. Wanting to showcase how beautiful the Ranch is I decided to hold a styled shoot there. Coordinated with two other photographers we got a chance to walk around and take some seriously Gorgeous photos!! So if your looking for an amazingly unique place to hold your ceremony and a place that you know your money will be going to helping all the animals on the ranch and the future ones that come through. I implore you to please contact them!! You will have beautiful photos in knowing the animals your saving.


Styling: Jessica Lynn Nielsen Michelle Hoffman Jamie Szymczuk

HMUA: Amber Rose Makeup

Floral: Jessica Lynn Nielsen

Cake: Maryam's Cakery

Invitation Suite: Lauren Yvonne Design

Venue: Wildhorse Ranch Rescue