Jenna + Ryan Engagement

Jenna and Ryan's warm river engagement sessions was stunning!!! I love taking adventurous couples to fun locations! We caught some amazing views and captured such beautiful images! <3

Happy Mother’s Day!!

I have always considered myself the dog Mom! I’ve loved my pups like they were my children and still do! They bring love and joy to my life that I can ever replace. 

However this mother’s day is special to me as it’s my first one with Lucas being earthside! For 10.5 months God has given me the best gift to be this little humans mother! He is the light of my life! I never thought I could stare at someone so long until I was holding a day old fresh from heaven baby. I cannot wait to see what our life holds and all the places we will go together! I don’t want to get too sappy (I’m sure I already was) but here are some of my mother hood adventure photos! 







Well what a day it’s been! So I’ve been trying to work on getting Lucas to sleep in his crib. It’s been a no go. We co sleep and I absolutely love it! I’m an extremely light sleeper and with him teething all he wants is to be cuddled and to nurse. Which is totally fine but for day naps I would love him to sleep in his crib so I can get stuff done around the house and edit! The past few times we tried I curled up with him on his crib ( yes it’s a tight fit 😂) and every time he was almost out he would wake up super fast and stand up and start playing. So I caved today and we went back into the bed where he passed out in seconds. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Here are some blurry action shots of him trying to poke my eye out! 😂😂