Meet Michelle

Hello friends! My name is Michelle. First off thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me! I am a mother to my first little person named Lucas and we have a second little man on the way due in October 19’!

My love for photography is a strong one. Growing up I was very awkward and an introvert to which I clung to photography a my creative outlet. When I met Ray I was in a weird stage of life and he was the best thing I never knew I needed. Ray helped me open up in my self confidence and how to be proud of who I am. I Always wanted to be a professional photographer but never thought I would be able to feel good enough to talk to anyone about my photos. Ray helped push me out of all my comfort zones and he still does today. I would not be where I am without him.

Photos mean more to me then just getting dressed up and snapping some pictures. I love capturing the time and moment in your life in your expressions and laughter. The fire a couple has between them or the love a parent has for their child, I love being there for all of it! My favorite are the in between moments.

 Ray and I love to go to all kinds of sports events, I mostly have no idea whats going on I am not going to lie. But he does and I love having him explain what everything means, which he has to do often haha. I am a huge movie buff and often find myself quoting movies mid conversation.

Fun facts:

I love God

Obsessed with Disney is an understatement

I love avocados a bit too much

I overuse exclamation points and am not sorry!

I hum when I am nervous

I try to garden every year but I am still not successful.

I love to try to cook as well! slightly more successful then gardening.

Most of all I cant wait to hear from you! <3