Meet Michelle

Hello friends! My name is Michelle. First off thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me! a little background: I am a new mother to my first little person named Lucas! He is my everything and more! My parents instilled at an early age for me and my younger sister to be hard working people. My sister Holly and I have always been pretty strong minded and hard headed about what we want in life. I recently finished my certificate from The International Academy for Wedding Photographers and became a certified Wedding Photographer. Weddings are my dream, but not a wedding for me that is, YOURS! I LOVE shooting weddings and being apart of the action. There is nothing more magical then watching people completely fall in love and promise themselves to each other. Wedding Photography is what I plan on doing with my future.

 Ray and I love to go to all kinds of sports events, I mostly have no idea whats going on I am not going to lie. But he does and I love having him explain what everything means. We have THREE furbabies. Sadie our Black Lab, Zero our White German shepherd, and Samson our Golden Retriever! They are my world! You can have some fun by checking their Instagram Hashtags




Fun facts:

I love God

Obsessed with Disney is an understatement

I love avocados a bit too much.

I hum when I am nervous

I try to garden every year but I am still not successful.

I love to try to cook as well! Again.. not as successful.

Most of all I cant wait to hear from you! <3