The Sand Dunes

Now my family is an avid camping quad riding kind of family. My whole life I grew up going to the Dunes out in Yuma every winter until it was just too hot to bear. I am used to the sand in my hair and stuck to my chap stick, In my sock and in my ears. I love the sound of sand rails off in the distance and camp circles that are blaring their music. But this time going to the Dunes was a much different experience! Going to the sand dunes for a styled shoot was right up my alley! Going with 12 other photographers thought made my day. I have never really been on the "outside" of the dunner population,, so listening to all the people who have never been to the sand dunes before talk about how weird it is that families camp out in the middle of no where. Their laughter as the UTV's and sand rails roll by with their music and sand goggles. I had never thought from that perspective on how Mad Max everything looked!! I of course was in heaven! Having missed the pas few seasons it was so nice to be back and just lay down in the sand. But i loved being there for the photography perspective. We stayed in the baby dunes, as we did not have time to walk back to the big bowls but even then. Ioved every minute!


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