Unplugged Wedding

Dear all future brides and wedding attendees, I know how exciting it is when the wedding day finally arrives. Family has flown in from out of town, people who haven't seen each other in years are reuniting, drinks are being enjoyed... it's all fun and there is love in the air!

We photographers LOVE the atmosphere and feel honored to be involved in such an important event. Our goal is to capture each and every precious moment so that they can be remembered for a lifetime. As a wedding photographer, I have a personal duty to capture this beautiful event and all the special moments that take place. The photos are meant to portray the energy of the wedding and allow the bride and groom to relive the memory by simply opening a photo album.

That said, there is one requests I would like to make in order to ensure that I can do my job to the best of my ability: I would like to ask that all guests keep their phones off and away. When guests start pulling out "seflie sticks" and cell phones in order to take their own photos of the wedding, these objects can not only block a photographers view of a perfect moment, but they may also negatively affect the way the wedding is portrayed through the photos. Believe me, an audience with all of their cell phones in the air or a view of someone scrolling through Facebook does not make for a more romantic wedding album. So please, in honor of the bride and groom, be respectful and keep your phones away so that i can give them the photos that they deserve. Other than that, all I ask is for you to have fun!





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