Have you ever been so stressed out you want to just cry or scream. Or even just stand there while the world moves around you? I used to get that all the time. My level for handling stress what. It what I would have wanted. I say one day with Ray and we had a huge discussion about faith and fear and life. I made a mental bet with my self that everytime I felt my anxiety kick in or my stress level becoming to heavy to carry, that I just wouldn't carry it! I would smile. Sometimes say a small prayer to myself but I alway smile. Did you know when you smile even when your sad you slowly trick your brain to feel happy? YOU control your emotions, not the other way around I refused to be held down by my subconscious who is unable of understanding situations but runs on base emotions.  

Just try it! For a month! And whenever you feel the unhappy pressure. Just smile!! See if by the end of the month you won't feel a tiny bit better about handling life's downs. 😊 


iphone pic pic of my 3 pups who make me smile non stop!