All the heart eye emojis!!!! Can I sit here and be super sappy for a moment and just say that THIS is the reason I love photography. LOVE! I love love so much! being around it with friends and family! weather in engagement sessions, wedding or Proposals!! It all just makes my heart melt! With months of careful planning Sierra and I managed to pull off this Awesome Surprise Proposal! It was so perfect as it was pretty winding in Flagstaff that day. Laurens family was surrounding behind watching everything happen as we just finished family photos. The wind picked up as sierra knelt down and we could only stop and watch, we couldn't hear the words exchanged between them but only watch their loving faces staring at each other. This made it so much more personal for them to be in front of everyone but haveing a moment just between the two of them. I am so very happy and excited for these two! They are such an amazing couple and I love them so much! <3