Sarah + Matt's Wedding

Sarah and Matt are two peas in a pod! If I have ever said a couple fits together so perfectly its these two!! Matt's strong dry humor mixed with Sarah's beautiful smile and sass is something to be admired! These two had me cracking up laughing the entire day! who says weddings need to be stressful! Located in Paradise Valley at the home of a close friends these two finally got the chance to tie the knot. Now I am very impressed with Sarah's craftiness! Accompanied by her best friend and maid of honor Kelsey, These two ladies practically built an entire wedding venue on their own! From making their own bouquets and decorations to making the arbor that Sarah and Matt stood under. It was all to beautiful!! Sarah and Kelsey explained they had a life long relationship which included many hours crafting all kinds of things so this wedding was something they enjoyed doing together! I am so thankful to have been a part of their day! Sarah and Matt! Congradulations!! <3