Lucas is ONE

Cue all the tears!!  friends I can not express how blessed I am to have been giving the gift of motherhood! <3 this has been by far the BEST year of my life! Watching my little man grow into a courageous, loving, and funny little toddler has been amazing! I'm still in shock that its been a full year. I don't remember my life without Lucas consuming all my love and attention. Watching Ray turn into the most amazing father has also been so beautiful. The two of them have such a bond that I cant explain. They are two peas in  a pod. Rough housing and relaxing together with the " no girls" sign up during their guy time. As soon as ray walks in the door Lucas can get to him fast enough. to be scooped up and bear hugged by his favorite person. Ugh melts my heart!! We thank God everyday for him and continue to pray for all the happiness in the world for our little man. We are so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing community of parent friends, Weather they are seasoned or newbies like us I always feel I have someone to talk to or ask questions. It means to much to me and ray that all of you are there for us three! So I'll end my love ranting of my baby and show you his One year cake smash photos! <3