Yes! You heard that right! I graduated from the International Academy of Wedding Photographers!! Oh my friends this is such exciting news for me! The past 2 years have been extremely busy full of my normal sessions plus so many fun ones that needed to be done for the courses in school! I am so thankful to have finally made it over this milestone! Ray pushing me every step of the way! The Academy as completely changed the way I look at my business! From branding courses to Off camera flash The Academy covers everything. They have helped me elevate my myself to a confident and professional level I dont think i would have been able to reach without this school. Ive been so blessed to have made so many great friends across the world through this program. The instructors are so very involved and have been there to help. If your interested in photography I would suggest looking into it! You don't have to do weddings to join, The courses apply to so much more then that. I know get the honor of displaying this beautiful badge all over my social media! <3


WEBSITE | http://www.onlinephotoacademy.com

BLOG |  http://www.onlinephotoacademy.com/blog/

FACEBOOK GROUP | https://www.facebook.com/groups/turnitupcommunity

FACEBOOK PAGE | https://www.facebook.com/theacademytoday

INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/theacademytoday

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