I cant beleive I did that!

Okay can we talk abut a total rookie mistake I made right before one of my very first sessions?! I show up to the location 15 min early because I like being early to make sure i have settings right. Well getting out of the car I walk down by the lake that was there and turn on my camera... Nothing.. It wouldn't turn on. I semi freaked out as i realized the battery was still in the charger at home! Im so thankful that Ray was home and not too far and was able to bring me the battery!  My couple was late whichI diddnt mind at all!! But this taught me a very real lesson early on. Since then I have 2 batteries always charging, one in the camera and an extra in my camera bag with a charger ready to go! i rotate them all weekly to make sure I am always ready! Learn from my mistake and always have a battery!!