As the day gets closer to meeting my son (still so crazy to say that!! ) im getting more excited to cloth diaper him! Thats right, you read that correct! I will be cloth diapering! im not sure how many of you have seen what cloth diapers look like nowadays but they are so flipping cute! yes yes I know it will add an extra step to my life by having to clean and wash them but you know what? Im also going to be polluting that much less from not throwing away so many diapers everyday. I get a lot of flack form people who say because ive never had a child that I wont be able to do it. Or I dont know what im in for. But thats just fine for them to feel that way, Just like its fine for me to believe in myself that im doing whats right for my family. We will be saving quite a bit of money by not purchasing disposables. Everything helps! ive already started my little stash of diapers that I cant wait to use! hardest part is going to be picking out which one he comes home in!