Butterfly Wonderland!

 My sister Holly and I celebrated Mothers day on Saturday instead of Sunday as Holly had to work. So as a treat us three gals decided to head up north to the Butterfly Wonderland! Now as I have stated I'm pretty much an animal freak, anything and everything so this was exciting for me!

So we roll up to this big dome building, And it was crowded! We start off by watching a video of how the Monarch Butterfly makes its normal migration routs and how amazing it is (especially in 3D). After that you are ushered into a room that has a wall with all kinds of cocoons in glass cases. This is where you can literally watch all kinds of butterfly species hatch! They were small little balls and then huge fist sized ones! All colors and textures! And one that looked like the giant moth from Godzilla! It was beautiful to watch all the new babies open their wings for the first time.

After watching to our hearts content we waiting to go into this safe room where they make sure no butterflies can escape the dome. Again it was crowded in there! Warm and misty (perfect day to straighten my hair huh?). But very green and luscious. Just walking around you are almost hit in the face with butterflies zooming around. You have to be careful where you step also as they tend to bask on the pathways.

Holly was wearing some vanilla lotion which is what I think caused them all to flock to her! Or shes some kind of insect whisperer and never mentioned it. But me and mom had a fun time watching her try and fight off the butterfly assaults.

It was a very fun and relaxing day, I am glad we made it up there to enjoy that with our mom. Here are some of the images taken, Lets just take a second also to see how beautiful these two amazing ladies are in my life! I don't know where I would be without them!