The soon the be A-Mayes-ing baby Mayes

This was so fun and exciting for me! Visiting the Gold Field Ghost town gave such a fun desert-y rustic feel that we love so much about Arizona! Ray and I have known the Mayes for a very long time now! From their first time saying I love you To their wedding day, and now to welcoming their Baby girl into the world in less then 3 weeks! Jamie and Jeremy are one of those couple who are just positively so much fun to be around! Me and Jamie have such a kindred spirit for the love of Fur kids and Harry Potter. Jeremy and Ray go back to high school and have always been good friends! I love how their relationship has evolved into such an amazing loving family. I'm so blessed to know them and to be apart of their lives and the soon to be little baby H. Mayes! Here are just a few Gems from their sessions!