So it’s been a while. I swear if you were to read my chicken scratch diaries growing up they would say the same exact thing! 😂 who knew that when my heart fell in love with photography that I also had to be consistent with blogging and writing. Something I’m really not well established in. But that’s neither here not there. I was going to get a little personal as I feel I’ve left a lot of you in the dark about my life. You ready? Here goes!  

I am a FULL time photographer! I have not been back at my job since 2 weeks before Lucas was born! That’s almost an entire year!!! Now this has been such a test of faith for me personally as I am always one to plan and to make sure i can see what’s coming down the line. Ray on the other hand is so faithful that God will take care of everything and always encouraging me to stay positive, that I decided to follow his lead. So when Ray and I fell pregnant we really made a goal to save so I could stay home and pursue my love of photography! And by golly look at this! Lucas is 10 months and I’m still so excited to be a “working for myself” kind of mom. 

I know I never talked about It much. Mostly I was afraid of failure and telling everyone and then having to change up and get a 9-5. But you know what? I’m not going to hide in a little shell of myself because I’m afraid I might fail. Instead I’m proud to say I’ve been full time for 10 months and with the support and love of all of you I hope to continue this beautiful journey with you all!! 

Man!! Opening up feels so much better!! Okay yes I’m totally going to start blogging more!! I love you all!! Thank you again for everything!!