5 things I never forget to pack

Since summer is around the corner and everyone will be traveling soon for fun activities I thought I would share my list. This is my packing list of 5 things I can't forget while going on a vaca!

1. Shampoo! I'm sorry but have you seen my hair lately!? If yes then you know I have a TON of it. And those dinky little shampoo bottles don't even cover my ends. So I always take a mini bottle of my favorite shampoo Organix coconut water! Love love love!!

2. Phone charger! Okay okay I know it's going to be relaxing and I'm going to not be "working" BUT I can't cut ties with social media completely!  So that being said I will need an able bodied phone with me at all times... Snapchat always needs love!


3. My own pillow. Something silly I'm sure but having MY pillow sure helps when I'm in a different bed. And if we happens to be driving or flying I always want a pillow to lay on. Traveling is tough work! 😉

4.  Comfortable shoes. I hate nothing more then traveling in cute shoes to find out that I would regret it an hour in. And on vacation I tend to walk around a lot and explore. Never fun with shoes not meant for walking!

5. Last and never least... My camera! I know there is one on my phone but let's be real... I'll fill up my memory in about 3 hours walking around taking pictures 😁. 


and this isn't a "packing" item but it sure is top of my list 

Amazing house sitters. I can't ever leave home not knowing who will be watching the house and my 3 pups. They are the work to Ray and I. So making sure we have back up sitters and back ups for those is always on my to do list! I know the dogs will be well cared for when we are away.