Its been 6 years!

6 years since Ray took me to my first basketball game to watch the Phoenix suns and 6 years since he nervously looked at me and asked me to be his partner in crime. I remember like it was yesterday! I cant believe how fast the time has gone and yet it feels like we have been together forever! I am so happy the way our story worked out.

We attended the same High school, Ray a grade above me. But not once did we ever cross paths. Ray was on the basketball team, which I attended many games cheering on our Prospectors but never really knowing who he was. We had so many of the same mutual friends, Ray even having a an art class with my best friend, which they were close friends in and me none the wiser.

Fast forward to to 5 years after I graduated I threw a Halloween party in my new place, Ray came with a friend of his who I knew. Now me and Ray diddnt get along at first, he is very funny, outgoing and can be sarcastic, Me being the opposite, shy quiet and with en extremely low self esteem. I took everything He said seriously.  Im not sure what made him want to ask me out, But he did. and I said no. 7 times. He said we wouldn't be friends unless he took me out at least once. It took Ray a few months to break me down and us not talking for me to finally say yes to ONE date. He surprised me and made me dinner and that was it for me! I knew he was the one.

I dont know where I would be without him today. He has taught me so much about myself and how to grow and be outgoing. He is the one who pushed me to actually pursue my dream of being a photographer. I always have him as a shoulder to lean on. I a so blessed to have a man like him

I love you Ray!! <3


Some of our young days!