You're a Photographer who had a Photographer?

YES YES and more YES!!! I DO have a photographer. And she Is amazing! I usually get the very standard "why don't you take them yourself?" or "why pay someone when you can make it work". Well I will tell you why. I stand by my business and why I am in this industry,I believe that quality photos matter! I LOVE this industry I am in and everything about it. Yes I will pay another photographer their going rate because I believe in small business. I know how hard it is to work for yourself,  And I know how draining it is to constantly get the " friend discount" emails. We have to give back to those around us to help promote all photographers. the so fun hashtag around #communityovercompetition. I met Lauren at a styled shoot I went to and she was so warm and welcoming from the second I met her! I am so in love with all of my photos and I cannot wait to hire Lauren again! Check out her FB page!! <3