How to be a Bridesmaid

Were just asked to be a bridesmaid or even the maid of honor? Yes ladies being a bridesmaid can sometimes be a really big deal mentally!
Here are some tips to prepare for spending the day with the bride and helping her get through her big day.

Help the Bride

She might need help picking out colors or calling event planners, Sometimes asking the Bride what you can do to help with the small things really will help her enjoyment in the wedding process and help make the big day run smoothly.

Be on Time

No matter how late you stayed up the night before with the bride on her last night make sure you have your alarms set. I know its so much fun to get caught up int he special moments of being with the bride one last time before her last name changes. But the wedding day will come up very fast and being prepared will save so much stress.

Be supportive

The bride could be going through a lot of emotions and nerves before waling down the isle, Be there and make sure you ask her what you can do to help her. Being a brides MAID really does live up to its name. I constantly see BM running around grab last minute things for the wedding or the bride herself. Make a mental note that you could be sent on a last minute trip for some forgotten eyeliner!

Have FUN

It is hectic sometimes and there is a lot going on but make sure you have FUN! make sure your smiling and helping uplift everyone around you! This is such an exciting day and being a Brides Maid is such a memorable event!