Meet the Fur kids!

Hello everyone! Okay so this is a subject that is one of my favorite to talk about beside Photography. Yup My puppies!! Okay well they arent puppies anymore but to me they are still little baby furballs! Lets go with youngest to oldest!.


Where do I start with Samson?! Lets go over his nick names.. we have, whammy, whambam, whamsickle sammy, bubba, pepe lepew, and his most often used one Little. We called him Little because he was the baby out of the 3 and was just so tiny! He has since outgrown his nickname but for some s it just stuck.The Pepe Lepew name comes from the fact that he is completely and utterly in love with our black lab Sadie. He lives and breathes just to serve her and make sure she is at her happiest. Sadie is not as receptive but she loves him some days. Samson fills my heart with such a happy playful and youthful attitude. No matter what is going on he has this way about him to just sit back and enjoy life. He is such a cutie pie and is such a sweetheart I cant get enough of him. And Ray has him pretty trained to sit there while we dress him up! haha! His favorite thing to do is to play "tugs". His hashtag is #samsonthegoldenretriever


Ahhhh Zero. He is my main man (well 2nd to Ray) Some of his nicknames are as follows. Z, Hero, Z-man, Mr Peebody, Mr. Poopy cheeks, boof boof, poder bear, fun police, and Sgt. Pepper. Zero is the protector of the house hold when dad is gone. he is a extremely attentive to everything around him and knows my moods before I even do. He is the first one to wake up with his tail wagging and ready to start the day and the last one to go to bed after he has done his house and room checks. He is so smart and sometimes I find myself having conversations with him all the while him answering me in his whimpers. He will always be at my side when Im not feeling well and Always comforts me when Im not having a great day. Falling asleep holding onto this giant white warm shag rug is the best feeling in the world. His favorite thing to do is to run the stretch of the backyard and jump as high as he can to bark over the wall. His hashtag is #Zerothewhitegermanshepherd

And last but I will never say the least..... My Sadie girl. Nicknames for this sassy lady are.... Sadie lady, Ledoo, Sadie genius, Salt N peppa, triever, Sadie-may, Skatie, Brat, grumps, and mostly Lady. She will be turning 7 here in June.  I know she looks Much older with her grey hair coming in all over!! Her breeder told me that her dad and grandpa greyed early and it was common in her line. I could care less about the grey, Looking into her big brown eyes I just love HER. I mean look at this picture! She looks so.... Grumpy! haha!! I swear I have a 16 year old daughter not a Dog. She is SO smart and does everything she knows that annoys me and i love her for it. Just like this picture she is so gorgeous when she has her years up and forward but as soon as NAY camera of mine comes out this is the face I get... "okay mom can we be done now?!"  I diddnt pick her as a puppy I know she choose me. Between her 3 brothers laying around being lazy this little tiny black furball was jumping in the water bowl and running over and attacking my toes. My and my sister just fell in love and my life has never been better since. She is so spunky and snotty, but it just adds so much to her HUGE personality. Her favorite thing to do is to swim, Unfortunatly she is very prone to ear infections that last a long time so we really have to watch how often shes in the water. Her Hashtag is #sadietheblacklabradore