Being Inspired!

Oh my goodness friends! Do you ever feel like your just stuck, like writers block in life? We all get like that from time to time, But the key to get out of those ruts is to push yourself to be around people who inspire you! You have to be happy for others and what they are doing, I know what its like to be in a lull and to see someone else doing great. well guess what? they worked their butts off to get there! And most likely a time before that they felt the same lull. Work hard at whatever your doing in life and that energy will come back around to not bite you in the butt, however you will get a great kick in the butt in the right direction. I follow and talk to so many photographers that I literally have endless amounts of inspiration! Sometimes I sick at my desk and just say, "yes, yes, yes" as im scrolling through peoples photos. I have no Idea who these clients are or their stories but im so inspired by the fact I can feel who they are through the images. This is what pushes me to want to keep growing and making myself better! So no matter what your going through or whats holding you back, dont compare yourself to others but be inspired by them! Love as much as you can and be happy for others as you would want done to you when you finally get to where you want to be!