How to Prepare for a Engagement Session

Hello ladies and gents!!! This is a very very great topic! I get asked all the time from clients what they should be bringing or wearing to any kind of photo shoot. So lets take a second and go through some helpful tips!

1. Dress up: You always want to make sure you dress up a little bit more then you normal would. This will help your pictures go from "What a cute picture" to "Oh my gosh these are gorgeous!" Dressing up a little not only makes you feel better but it really does add that extra bit to the photos and your entire demeanor during the session. And ladies sometimes this means wearing cute heels or wedges (only if you want) but they do help elongate your legs to make a stunning profile.

2. Dont be afraid: Its okay to act silly! I know I know its kind of awkward to be in front of a camera lens while your trying to listen to directions and act normal. But the more you have fun with it all try not to think of the camera the more natural feel the photos will have. Dont worry if there are people around. you will never see them again but these photos will be with you forever.

3. Bring YOU: What props to bring? easy, what best describes you and your love. Your rings of course. but what else is unique to you guys? Do you have any pets? How did you meet? How did you get engaged? there are so many things that can be incorporated in the session that will directly reflect your relationship.

4. Outfits: as stated before you want to dress up a bit. But even then we want 1-2 outfit changes. Bring something a little more laid back but that is still conducive to the session (we dont want sweat pants now do we? well maybe we do!!!) Whatever if comfortable for you guys!

5. Get your pretty on: For engagement shoots its a very good idea to get your hair and makeup done before hand. And this is also a great way to have your artist fro the wedding to a trial run on you so you can get a glimpse of what you will look like on the wedding day and see if there is anything you would like to change.

Last but not least!  HAVE FUN! This is the best and most exciting part of your life! Your getting MARRIED!! all your friends and loved ones want to see how happy you are and see some amazing photos of you!