A little about me.

Why did I become a photographer? I get asked this question a lot surprisingly. People seem to think it some life style you have to fall into. And most of those assumptions can be correct, however I do feel you have to have at your core a love for all things artsy.

Recently I took a personality quiz that and I have to say the results were spot on. Now I haven't paid to do the further quiz into the sub category But at my core I am an Idealist. Caring, over trusting and enthusiastic! So much more tid bits that I read that just made perfect sense on how I react to things and situations.

Being an Idealist Is great for being a wish maker and following your dreams! Ever since I can remember I have been an entrepreneur. From making my own leaf raking business in my neighbor hood to me and my best friends deciding we were going to start mass producing home made underwear. (dont ask lol) I have always let me dreams run wild and always tried to follow them when I can. Photography has always been a part of me. Good and bad, I have stacks of photo albums of random pictures I have taken. Each one I hoard with a passion, as a random picture of a soda machine has a memory to me of where I was and what was going on in my life.

Having always taken pictures and photography classes in school. I joined the yearbook class so I could take even more without being weird in high school (which I was pretty good about doing anyway, quick story off topic I remember walking through the main quad of high school and went to step up over a small brick wall. My foot slipped and I went head first over the other side, Just to give you an example of how off beat I was!) I remember getting my first film camera. I was 12 and my parents got me a Minolta 35mm. That camera was my baby. I still haveit and rolls of used and unused film. I received my first Digital camera when I turned 16, A Nikon D60. I still have it sitting on my desk right next to my computer. One time my computer had crashed when I was about 18. I had lost pretty much all my pictures I had taken besides the ones that were printed from Digitals. It literally broke my heart. I cried for about 2 days, thinking of it now I get irritated knowing they are lost forever...all those memories.

Moving on to community collage I took a few film photography classes and a few digital ones. Nothing to special as it was all info I pretty much knew by heart anyways as an armature. I am usually known to have some kind of camera on my all the time and I find it funny that my friends ask me why I diddnt bring a camera to events or get togethers. So I started taking pictures for family and friends and absolutely fell in love with the entire process! I love editing, I love going to new places, I love seeing things through a lens. I searched constantly for local photographers and came across my now Photography instructors Amy and Jordan Demos, (There are a few more instructors as well). I obsessed over their style and how beautiful their images were. Shortly after I was asked to photography my first wedding! I... Was... Hooked! The whole day was just amazing experience! Amy and Jordan announced not to long after they were in a project for an online photography school for wedding photographers! I signed up and the rest is history! Its been so amazing being able to connect with other photographers and learn tips an tricks. Being able to watch how my style has changed as I understand more and more. I cannot wait to graduate from the online school with an official wedding photographer certificate!

If you are interested in being a photographer I absolutely encourage you to check them out!




Online Academy: http://onlinephotoacademy.com/



Try the personality Quiz yourself! http://www.keirsey.com/4temps/idealist_overview.asp