Come on ladies, We ALL can admit how much we love shoes. Weather its your favorite pair of slippers for the house or your glamorous heels for a night on the town! I personally like some running shoes and my flip flops! Being in the beautiful sunny state of Arizona you can wear slops all year long! But what I have come to find is my favorite pair of shoes for the photography world are my Tieks! What are Tieks do you ask. well let me just show your YOUR next show obsession. Tieks are by far the most comfortable pair of flats I have ever owned. I have gone through many many pairs, especially in the photography world where I am climbing on rocks or trees to get a great shot. Tieks have by far blown my mind on the fact that I CAN own comfy yet cute flats. Now the price is a little up there, but believe me, being on my feet for sometimes 10 hours a day during a wedding I wouldn't trade the lack of sore feet for anything! Here is my first and diffidently not going to be my only pair! <3

P.S. Its hard to take photos of your own feet. Props to the ladies that get pretty shots.

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