A Gift

Those who follow my on Instagram have seen that I have posted I am re reading the first Harry Potter again. This is a book I have had for 16 years! As you also surely know as I have said I am a hoarder! This book held so many memories for me, Growing up reading alone in my room. Taking my book wherever I went. I had read that book nearly 10 times, it was almost falling apart.

That being said it was very old. The pages were ripping out of the spine. It smelled like an old library (which I love). I left it on my night side table and went to work the other day. Ray called me a few hours later as he had left the house for a short while and had come home to find my book ripped to pieces across our bedroom. Now Sadie our black Lab has a fetish for anything paper. This book was on that table for a few days, it must have just been so tempting to smell its rich old pages that she couldn't help herself, We know it was her also because all the book was in her kennel. Shes the only one that goes into it as the boy like being free.

I am not going to lie. I cried when Ray was face timing me showing me the tattered book. I just keep telling myself its only a book, its no big deal. But just all the memories. Well last night as I came home Ray had a special game of a treasure hunt leading me around the house to dinner and also to a Brand new copy of Harry Potter! I know its not a big deal it really is just a book but I started crying again! He saved my old one and put it in a special box so I can keep whats left. I love him so much and appreciate him for understanding how weird I can be at times. 

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