How I remember 9/11

14 Years ago this morning I woke up, getting ready for my freshman year of high school. Brushing my teeth my parents called me into the living room as we watched the Live news showing a burning building. Me and my father both sitting on the coffee table and my mother standing with he hand over her mouth.

We were in complete awe and shock. I woke my sister up right before the second plane hit. I remember my father telling me, "this is going to change everything" He couldn't have been more right. As I walked to school with my friends listening to them talk about boys and who they liked I tried to bring up the event in NY. None of them seemed to care, but I couldn't stop thinking about how crazy the morning had been, I Could care less about boys at that moment.

Walking into my 2nd period we always had 15 min of watching the news. That is all that was playing was the buildings falling by that time. All the people crying and covered in dust. I couldn't help but cry watching the TV. Thinking of all the lives that were lost while praying for everyone there. I thank all the service men and women and animals who lost their life that day. They do not know the impact they have had on this country being so selfless.

Today is just another reminder of how short life is. Remember to love always and never let go of those memories of loved ones. As different as we all are we all are one, We all are humans. We need to band together to make this country great like she deserves. God has graced our country in the ability to overcome every obstacle "united we stand, divided we fall" and I couldn't be more proud to be an American! Always remember and #neverforget