Challenge #2... No Coffee??!

Yes yes! I am almost sad to say that this entire month my cousin Chanel has again enlisted us into another detox challenge. (which I am becoming fond of by the way). This month of August 2015 I Michelle Hoffman am agreeing to not have any form of Coffee or energy supplement. AH again I am a bit sad as Coffee is literally my life. My favorite thing to indulge in. But since the 1st I have held fast and been groggy ever since! I will let you all know at the end of the month what things I have noticed since the detox! Its always fun to make a small change here and there, though I will be having a hot steaming cup of cappuccino I can promise you all that!


P.S. also started the 30 day Plank challenge this month as well.. I can already feel my sides are sore from just planking. its incredible!