7 days!

Ah I am so sorry its been a while since ive been on. Life has been very busy! Ive been getting ready for the wedding I have in September! I literally cannot wait! Going home to northern California to see my family and to be the photographer at a wedding of a close family friend is just my perfect idea of pure bliss (besides being on a beach with Ray)

Hows the no coffee you ask!? I have had a far too many migraines that I am not fond of, and I have been sleeping like a rock! My head hits the pillow and I am down for the count! Also there have been some pretty weird dreams that have been circulating my sub conscious. BUT there is 7 days left in this challenge, Both me and Chanel were semi abandoned in doing this challenge alone. the boyfriends were supposed to be there to do it also and both couldn't seem to hang. I think its just we are strong willed independent ladies! 

Planking challenge?! I am up to 200 seconds! I could barley do 20 to begin with. Its amazing how fast your body can adjust!


P.S. This is my coffee machine that i kind of stole from my sister Holly when she moved out I told her the coffee machine was staying, I recently got the drawer under it that holds all my coffee! isn't it cute!