July 4th weekend

I sure do hope that everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July weekend! I know Ray and I did! We had fun with some amazing friends during the day at a BBQ and then had a nice night cap by relaxing at home eating some cranberry muffins watching X-Flies on Netfilx. I especially wanted to make sure we were home in time for fireworks being this was Samson's first 4th of July. I wanted to make sure he wasnt to traumatized by the sounds. Our neighborhood can get pretty loud during the holidays with kids running up and down the street playing.  But dont you worry! Sammy was a champ! He cuddled with me most of the time and would grumble when he heard something suspicious. So I feel comfortable if anything staying out a bit later next year. Or who knows We might come home early again. Ray and I really do love being home with the furkids and spending quality time discussing if Scully and Moulder will finally just admit that they love each other! Im so thankful for living in the good OL' U.S. of A! 


P.S.   only 20 days until my Birthday!