Another Year!

This past Saturday I successfully traveled around the sun for the 28th time!! Now for those who done understand, I turned 28! Ah it was bittersweet. This will be the last birthday I think I ever have. I know most women stop at around 26 or 27 but I personally feel kindred with 28. I LOVE even numbers and even things in general. so I don't mind being 28 for the rest of my life :). For the festivities ABC family must have heard it was my special day and they decided to play a Harry Potter marathon! I mean I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Daniel Radcliffe's Birthday is 2 days before mine, No No this was all for ME!! SO I watched a few hours of that before my Best friend Brittney coming over to  hang out with for a few hours which was some much needed girly time! Then me and Ray met my parents and sister Holly to go to Red Robin. I love that place!! Then Ray and I met up with Sierra and Lauren, They were so sweet enough to get me a card and a gift! Little did they know that just hanging out with them for their Picture session is what I really LOVE and the best present I could have asked for! Then we capped the night for some more Harry Potter... And that my friend was the best Last Birthday I'll EVER have!!

Have a fabulous day my friends! Feel free to comment and subscribe!