Sugar suagr

Well as it has been a month since I have had processed sugar. And what a month it has been! Celebrating 4th of July and my Birthday without being able to have sweets was probably the worst mistake I could make, But I needed to do it! I had to prove to myself that I could I did slip up once or twice not paying attention to what ingredients were in what i was eating. But for the most part I was processed sugar free besides fruits. Its amazing how much sugar people consume on a daily bases. And honestly im surprise im not single by the end of this en devour! It has been a complaining road for me and im so thankful Ray just laughs it off when I practically was crying at a reeses commercial. No seriously like almost cried. But here nor there! Im thankful that I had my cousin Chanel who challanged me to do this sugar detox with her that I could vent to . literally the only person who could understand the cravings I was having! She is stronger willed then I and im sure she will surpass this month challenge into something life changing. I want to try to not eat  processed sugar but I know that my victory snack is going to be an ice cream snickers bar that is already sitting quietly in my freezer. Tomorrow is the day I shall break this sugar free binge. For those out there going through any detox. Good luck! You CAN do it!