Phone for thought

The past few days have been a maybe it was because this semester is ending from school, and i finally get a little down time. Or maybe it was because my phone went crazy on me. My screen stopped working so my phone was unable to unlock, and all my contacts disappeared. So i'm sitting at work and I was seeing all these messages come through unable to respond or even know who was contacting. I have to say it was a bit frustrating.

3 days later I was finally able to go to the Apple store for my appointment. They readily took my phone saying to come back in 2 hours that my display was bad. And coming back just before they close at 9 (also forgetting my wallet with my ID) not going to lie there was a little bit of anxiety weather I was able to even pick up my phone. The Apple Tech comes out and proceeds to tell me my phone was not backing up and hasn't since last October, And my logic board was broken and now the phone was pretty much a paper weight. I literally started crying in front of that poor girl. All that was going through my head was the past 7 months worth of photos and information that was lost forever!! They gave me a brand new phone and sent me on my way. Having a 20 min drive to the house i honestly felt a bit numb. If you know anything about me i am a picture HOARDER, They mean the world to me. I got home went right to my room and started crying while holding my pillow. Ray came in and started rubbing my back telling me it would be okay. Images of Samson (my golden retriever) as a puppy kept flashing in my head that i would never really see again (dramatic i know but that's what happened) Ray grabbed my Ipad and started going through it to make sure that it was backed up also before anything happened to it. And lo and behold!!! He found that my phone WAS saving my images! All the images that had been taken since October were saved!!!! I started crying even harder at that point! I know they are only pictures but it just goes to show how much photos mean to me. I now have everything set to constantly back up! I never want to feel that again.

So moral of the story! Always back up your stuff!