Recently I decided to follow a friend over to All I can say is WOW! what a crazy site full of people. I'm not finding a whole lot of info on each person as i go back further, maybe because I'm using the free 2 week trial version. But on my mothers side I'm going back to 745! that's crazy! Not sure how accurate a lot of the info is that far back, but it seems to be pretty easy like the records are correct. Right now I'm in Scotland as the King on my grandfathers side. So far its been such an interesting trip. If I pay for the full version (and I'm sure I'm going to ) then I will have more access to their lives. It has been such a cool feeling to go back and see who the people were and the dates they lived, What time would have been like back then. Makes me think of who in the future might be related to me, and if they will ever wonder what I'm like or how i lived me life. Its also been a lot of fun speaking with my family and my grandmother as shes giving me all these peoples names that I later find in my family tree. Any hoo I totally suggest signing up for the 2 week free trial!!! Here are a few photos pf people I'm related too (And possibly you too! This goes back pretty far and we are all related in one way or another)