I found WHAT?!

Okay okay I know its not a huge deal. However finding 4 NEW shiny silver hairs where I sometimes would have one just freaked me out a little bit. I mean these suckers are like unicorn hairs! Bright silver! My 28th birthday is around the corning so I am that much closer to 30 which means I'm almost 50! AH! Okay okay I'm exaggerating but still, I was hoping to be later in life that I would HAVE to dye my hair to keep the silver hairs hidden. I read online that is really doesn't have anything to do with stress (which i have tons of all the time) but mostly to do with genetics. So i can for sure say then I'm following my fathers hair trail and ill be silver before I'm 60! Maybe ill so some sort of timeline photos as a project. If I can stand not to pluck them out! Have a fabulous day friends!!!