So I have to say tonight has been interesting. I get a call from ray saying "Babe.....there are a crap ton of bees out in our front tree" and I'm thinking 'yeah yeah'. But no... I get home after work and school and there is a bee keeper at our house about to collect what turns out to be 10 pounds worth of bees!!! This is so crazy! I'm thankful I got to take a picture (from an extremely long distance) of what it looked like before they were taken away. The queen bee was apparently inside the cup on the ground that the neighbor kids throw at the bees to try and kill them earlier. Ray said it happened within about 20 minutes, there were a few bees, and then more and more kept coming! Sitting here writing this I have smacked my arms and head because I keep feeling things crawling on me! I'm so glad that the bee keeper takes them far away and lets them go back into the wild, I hope everyone has an insect free night!