Bowling for change

Last night was my boyfriend Ray's birthday. As a usual tradition we like to go bowling! Now Ray is very competitive let me tell you what! When we first started to go bowling he was horrible at it, and I can be sometimes decent. But this drove Ray crazy as he doesn't love to win he hates to loose. We have been going for a few years and I have stayed the same in the game but Ray is just a natural at everything!

As we were there halfway through the game a group on teens came in the obviously had come from prom night. As they came and sat next to us taking up 3 lanes I noticed how cute they were all matching their tuxes to the dresses, you could tell who was with who.

Coming up on my 10 year high school reunion in a few months it was bittersweet to watch these teens interact with one another. Remembering my prom night and how I felt about that being the last year I was in high school and all the dreams I had along with questions for the future I wondered how they looked at their lives. If they knew that this night is just a fleeting moment in life, even though we are told its on of the best moments. I don't feel that much older then when left high school, but watching the teens I knew I had nothing in common with them, like I said bitter sweet.

My life is a bit different then I expected. I purchased a house at 21 on my own without having gone to school to get any sort of idea for my life. I would tell myself I'm just doing things backwards. I just had hoped that the prom kids had a great experience in the rest of their time in high school. It's amazing how 4 years of your adolescent life are really what people would to again if they could. Like somehow changing high would change your life story.

I hope those kids follow their dreams and stay in that blissful world of adolescence!