Emilia is ONE today!

Oh this adorable little one year old that stole my heart the minute she arrived. Even though the feelings were one sided for sure. Emmie and I have had a rocky relationship this past one year. I mean I pick her up she screams and cries. Now I am no stranger to babies not liking me as I have meet a lot its bound to happen, But her older Brother Mason is such a doll and is so easy going I just expected her to be the same. Alas I was mistaken. But from what I hear I wasn't the only one. She was a total mamma's girl and no one else would suffice. But as shes coming into herself and her new Birthday she has taken a liking to the world around her! I see her smile all the time and she lets me hold her without that worried face that im a stranger. I love babies and little people so much! Their lack of world experiences just make their emotions so pure. I Love you Emmie and I cant wait to watch you grow up to be strong beautiful and every bit of your gorgeous mother!