Brittany + Andrew

Oh where do I begin! Brittany is literally one of my long lost sisters. Her amazing mother Vicky used to watch me and my sister as babies while my parents were at work when we lived in California. The Lenz house was my second home. Vicky taught me how to play fair and how to take care of kids that were younger then me. All of Brittany sibling I count as family even if we don't talk like we used to when we were little. When they asked me to photograph their wedding I literally screamed I was so excited! Getting a chance to go back to Northern Cali to see my family and to be there to watch Brittany on her big day! Brittany was so beautiful in her dress as I watched from the side trying not to cry while she was giving her personal vows. It was just such an amazing day! And what was pretty cool was her younger brother Cameron (who is an amazing Artist) wrote and sang their first dance song! It was so magical.

I am so happy that Brittany and Andrew found each other! He is such a sweet funny man and exactly the person who will make Brittany happy for ever after! Getting a chance to know his family who flew in from pretty much all over the world was so fun! I hope when they get back home to North Dakota they will always remember how fun this day was and much they are loved!