Holly Tatum Mayes

I am lacking the words at the moment. Getting the call at 4:07 am on Sunday morning October 11th 2015. Jamie's water broke! I hung up grabbed the clothes that I had set aside for the past week and my bag with everything charged and ready to go! Jamie was rocking back and forth with contractions that would last a greater part of the day. Jeremy telling me constantly how helpless he felt watching the love of his life going through so much pain. But I have to tell you he was the most supportive person I have ever seen. Constantly at her side giving her compliments and rubbing on her. Jamie and I reminisced about our friend ship together and how these huge milestones in our life are so special. I cried when they were married and again when they became parents. When Holly was first placed on Jamie the tears that came out of her were only of pure happiness and devotion to this little baby girl. Jeremy even let a few tears slip as he watched his baby girl start to cry with life.  On October 11th 2015 at 1:45 PM Holly Tatum Mayes finally made her way to her parents!

On a not so little side note, TODAY is Jamie's Birthday! What a blessing to get an early present that she is now at home swooning over! I know they will be great parents! I love you guys and I am so blessed to have been there during this special time in your life!