My FAVORITE little person in the whole world! My baby cousin (technically my first cousins daughter but whatever) Makena is something else! This little girl has so much spunk and sass that I dont think she even knows what to do with it. I recently went to visit my family and shoot a wedding in Cali and stayed at their house. Listening to her wake up super early and come sneak into the room, I could feel she was watching me and my sister sleep as I woke up she screamed and went running down the hall saying "THEY ARE AWAKE!". The last time I saw here she was still just a baby, but to see what an adorable little spontaneous girl shes became was amazing! The entire weekend listening to her and how her brain works asking non stop questions about what Arizona is like and who her family is. We had a good hour talk about why barbie was mad that ken diddnt finish all his cake that she made. I wish I could be her age again. I miss her so much already and I cannot wait to go back and see her. I think regular facetime conversations are in order! If you want a kick search #kenarae on instagram! You will see what a little personality she has! <3